Ensuring full-fledged Safety and Security School is a home away from home.

Schooling at HES ensures complete safety and security of the children. Full proof system of vigilance is deployed throughout the campus. Resources in terms of technological and digital appliances had been installed to keep a constant watch on the activities happening in and outside the school .Besides these, several people are being consistently engaged to assist the children, help and support them. Systematized working takes place at the time of arrival, dispersal and during recess or handing over to the parents at the time of emergency. Some of the modes through which safety and security is being ensured are noted below:

CCTV Cameras Gate Pass Guardians’ identity card Maids/Peons available at every floor including washrooms/stairs. Swimming pool- 5 coaches + 1 lady teacher Duties of Physical instructors at swings/ground during arrival and dispersal time and during recess Constant vigilance is there at the canteen by teaching staff. Proper transport staff available at gates at the time of dispersal and arrival of children. Availability of teaching faculty at the time of dispersal of on foot and transport children
No dearth of power; full time electricity supply

24*7 power backup is available in case of electricity failure which takes care of the children.