Primary Overview

Grade II to V, has Activity based curriculum with child- centered approach that enables students to explore their surroundings. Concrete experiences with hands- on projects make learning a meaningful and joyful experience for them.

Children learn various subjects in stimulating environment at HES.

Languages: Both English and Hindi are taught through experiential sharing and writing. Various interesting activities help to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Mathematics: Along with solving day to day problems, Mathematics at HES focuses on developing logic and reasoning skills in students.

Environmental Studies: It follows TBL(Theme Based Learning) and PBL (Project Based Learning) approach for grade 2,3 and Grade 4,5 respectively.

Reading: The primary school curriculum gives a distinct space to literature reading projects to develop young minds into equipped readers. Such adventurous ride enhances the learners’ curiosity and interest to read more.

Information Technology: Information Technology at HES not only improves the quality of learning experiences but also helps students to develop the skills essential to participate effectively in the technology based modern world.