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Middle and Senior Department

Gradual transition from concrete experience and conceptualization to abstraction takes place in middle and senior wing. Children are being given higher challenge to reflect upon the situations and analyse to develop independent self owned perspectives. More of discussions and collaborative work help them to imbibe 21st century skills to work in a diverse group dynamics. They evaluate to adjudge different perspectives and arrive at their own opinion through the process of critical thinking. School follows CBSE curriculum which is being further systematically arranged and adorned with assignments by the curriculum developer team to pose adequate challenging situations for the children.

Project based learning in Social Science and experimental approach in Science right from the beginning at the middle wing ignite the thought process in the children. Children work in groups on different projects and later on bring their own understanding in the form of presentation. The learning transcends from one small subgroup to entirety.

In Mathematics constantly they are exposed to the instances that give them to think and analyse logically to derive appropriate and accurate solutions; whereas in languages linguistic skills are continuously brushed up.

Apart from that Information Technology they are getting acquainted with varied latest technologies and they are learning how to apply these technical knowledge in real life context in the form of presentations.

Reading programmes brings a new vibe. From very short compositions or stories, they switch over to novels and start critiquing the texts. It helps them to visualize the context and flow of the story with the help of dissecting the situation. They are able to predict author’s point of view.

In the middle wing and senior wing children are also taught to develop life skills, work education and other skills through co-curricular activities. Teaching life skills build up thinking skill, social skill and emotional skill in order to make the children being self aware, problem solver and proactive decision maker. It enhances interpersonal relationships and strengthens to manage emotions or stress. Effective communication skill empowers them to express their view point boldly to the audience. Moreover they turn out to be sensitive human beings who can extend their helping hands to the distressed with empathy. They are also assessed on their attitude towards their school, peer group, teachers and value system.

Children are being assessed at regular intervals through different modes like paper pencil test, experiments, multiple choice questions, dramatization, literary compositions and various other modes. This widens the opportunity for them to display their strength areas.