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Our focus is to provide a holistic development in children from L.K.G to Grade I.

We focus on a comprehensive development of children through various means of learning. we have a curriculum designed which helps children in learning the natural way with ample opportunities to explore the world around and gain hands-on experiences.

We concentrate on the learning objectives of

developing Cognitive skills Gross and Fine Motor skills Socio-Emotional skills through which children learn to observe,infer share, think, question.

Letters are introduced through phonetics (speech sounds), air writing, sand paper writing, black board writing. Enough practice of one sound is taken up per week.

To help children get an exposure into the world of language, the school has a library, set up, exclusively for pre-primary. Children are encouraged to delve into books by themselves and are also read to by the teacher.

Mathematics is initiated by pre-number concepts and gradually focusing on intense number skills.

EVS is covered in concepts through discussions and projects, visits as per the need of the theme.

The whole curriculum of pre-primary is knit in themes, like, ‘Myself’, ‘Travel’, ‘Animals’, etc. The learning objectives are carefully inculcated in these Themes (one book per theme). Language, Mathematics, Arts, EVS- all domains are integrated in books and it is balanced as per the learning objectives, of course, keeping in mind the age-appropriateness.

Outdoor activities are imbibed in the curriculum and spread throughout the week for development on gross motor skills. The routine is set aptly for children to have an outdoor activity every day of the week.