Computer laboratory and technical appliances – ever alluring for human mind

A well equipped computer lab with latest technology is available in the school where the children learn technical skills and bring it into their application.

From primary wing till senior wing the children learn the theoretical part and its respective technical application. They learn to operate the technical devices at the very fundamental stages and later apply their learning through projects in the context of real life with the support of expert guidance.

Laboratory – gives wings to think beyond

Experiments and explorations leave the scope of widening thinking skills; discipline of Science opens it up children to acquire this skill while hypothesizing and trying it out in the laboratory - thereby analyzing to construct an image of concept in our idea level. In order to develop the higher level of thinking skill, children are given exposure to the practical science in the laboratory with all the facilities needed for scientific experimentations.

Laboratory contains all the apparatus that are required according to the curricular need. Chemical substances are readily available to carry out chemical tests to see the changes and thereby arriving at an inference through chemical analysis. Usually children are intrigued and engrossed while learning science through experiential learning.